All fifteen covers at the end of the event.

“protagonist is a trans man and a figure skater but is not out within the sport and is competing and training as a girl with his Pairs partner, through the events of the book, he eventually comes out and decides to skate men’s singles and live more openly with the support of new friends.”

“5 friends track down a kipnapper no one knows about using clues found in an old telephonewire spool”

By tsmcgovern on nanowrimo
“A romantic comedy set along the River Thames in London. Its about a girl, 32, who goes to London to become a nanny after a break up with her boyfriend and must decide whether to give love another chance with an aloof bachelor.”

By kris932
“Greek Gods open a theme park in modern day Florida in a desperate attempt to gain more worshippers. A shady government letter agency investigates.”

by noteverett
“Mythical creatures are common. Humans are mythical. Set in a world that exactly matches biblical description as much as possible (6000 years old, pillars, “dome” of heaven, etc).”
NaNoWriMo user name: noteverett

“Set in St. Louis in 1849 during the cholera outbreak and great fire. The main character is a nun serving at the city hospital.”

Find sagetab on Nanowrimo to learn more about this novel.
“Set on a strange gaseous planet that is divided into halves by an energy disk that goes up into the stratosphere.. on one side of the disk is a perfectly square Island Kingdom and on the other a perfectly round one. The kingdoms see the disk as a very high wall. The gasses are swirling clouds of blue, purple and green. The disk is green. The sun becomes unstable and its emissions damage the planets disk and the two kingdoms discover each other. The sun is blue-white.”

Find daughterofsin on Nanowrimo to learn more about this book.
“a set of short stories set in a fantasy world based on the theme of prisoners”

“Zombie story set in Hull (in the UK)? It’s post-apoc horror meets the grieving process – two of the scariest things I can think of. The main character is a woman of size, if you can work with that.”

“caste-based, religion-free society (they threw out religions centuries ago) has seen a ritual murder for the first time in several centuries- FMC, named Indigo, must assist the investigation by studying the ritual shrouds used both under the body and to cover the body.”

"An obsessive crush gone very, very wrong. Like murder-y. "

“A ghost story, set in Edinburgh”

"Matthew Drake, lecturer in Golden Age Crime etc, is persuaded to help the third husband of his own former wife when he finds the dead body of an unknown female in his bath. "

by twinklelittlestarfish
“Old magic in modern London but this one has a beastie in it. It’s like a giant muderous beaver”

With NaNoWrimo just one day away, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to make 10 covers in less than ten hours. I ended up making 15. Each was low quality - only 230x300 - and the only interaction I had had with the author was through one post about their blurb, title, genre, and pen-name. Each cover was made in less than half an hour, just as a challenge to myself.

Day 2!

10 Hours, 10 Covers Challenge

I had less than 10 hours to design covers. I asked on facebook: i did not have a chance to see the plots before my time started. I ended up doing 15 instead of the planned 10.